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About Stickman

Artist Trevor Stickel aka Stickman specializes in portraits that capture legendary moments, powerful, ideas, and raw emotion using the combination of brush and airbrush painting techniques. His work is simply gritty, with a depth and complexity that brings a unique view to his portraits. Patrons of this Canadian artist can be found across North America and Europe.

Product Specifications

You'll Stumble In My Footsteps (Depeche Mode)

Image Size 36 x 48 inches

Original on Canvas

One of the primary reasons my art gravitated towards music, was its ability to transport me to another time and place. For me, no band is better at becoming that “time machine” than Depeche Mode. Depeche was introduced to me in my early high school years, and their combination of style, visually stunning videos and gritty electronic style was right up my alley. A staple at the clubs one finds himself at that age, these pioneers of electronic dance music would be heavily represented on the soundtrack of my life. The first two bars of any song on their epic album “Violator”, instantly transplants me back into the early 90’s when I was just a Northside boy chasing Southside girls.

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