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About Stickman

Artist Trevor Stickel aka Stickman specializes in portraits that capture legendary moments, powerful, ideas, and raw emotion using the combination of brush and airbrush painting techniques. His work is simply gritty, with a depth and complexity that brings a unique view to his portraits. Patrons of this Canadian artist can be found across North America and Europe.

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Original Acrylic on Canvas



 Much like Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue was introduced to me at an early age. Motley had a huge impact and their influence could be seen throughout my neighbourhood, which seemed to transform overnight when Crue hit the airwaves.  While all members of the band make excellent subjects, it is the celebrity of Tommy Lee that embodies the carefree attitude of Rock and Roll in the 80s. To say Tommy’s life has been somewhat of a circus would be an understatement – so I could not pass up the opportunity to paint Tommy in this state, which I believe embodies all the characters that make up the Tommy we have all come to know.

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