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About Stickman

Artist Trevor Stickel aka Stickman specializes in portraits that capture legendary moments, powerful, ideas, and raw emotion using the combination of brush and airbrush painting techniques. His work is simply gritty, with a depth and complexity that brings a unique view to his portraits. Patrons of this Canadian artist can be found across North America and Europe.

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Original Acrylic on Canvas



Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom


   Blues legends fall right in line with the grittiness that I like to portray in my paintings.  Most early Rock & Roll bands will tell you that they were heavily inspired by the blues and I feel that connection when painting the Blues legends. Hooker was a natural choice for me due to his heavy influence on two of my favourite bands: The Stones and The Doors. Choosing the era and title took a little more time and I ended up falling back on my minds view of the gritty blues singers down in the Mississippi Delta, thus deciding on an elderly version of him. After hearing various cover versions of Hooker’s song Boom, Boom from countless rock bands I knew I had found my musical inspiration.

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