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This photo was taken in Inner Mongolia, which is an autonomous region of China, in Saihanba National Forest Park, located in the Hebei Province in China.

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Winter Horseman: Signed and Numbered

Anthony Lau

“It was early in the morning after a very tiring hike to a snow peak for sunrise. Getting up 3 a.m. at -25°C (-13°F) was a challenge but suddenly we came across a team of Inner Mongolian riders showing off their skills, commanding a group of horses around the frozen grassland.  The light was very good and morning mist was forming as well. I was so excited to get into position with my telephoto lens to capture some great photos.

However, the freezing temperature slowed down the speed of continuous shooting and caused a malfunction at the adapter between my lens and camera. With just manual focus and a frosted viewfinder, I had to guesstimate and utilize trap focus to get my shot. The snow was getting heavier, the wind was getting stronger, and the light was moving away from its optimal position. I knew I only had a couple of shots’ worth of time to get the best out of this encounter. With a bit of luck, one of my final attempts managed to capture the moment when one of the riders, along with his horses, charged out from the morning mist.”



LOCATION: Inner Mongolia

MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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