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Proud male lion of Duba Plains, Botswana.

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WILD SUPREME NOIR: Hors d'commerce


Beverly Joubert


“There are so few places left in the world where lions do reign supreme like this male whose shear power is irrepressible. The male lion in this photograph swam onto the island and challenged the two old male lions we called ‘Duba Males’, they were around 14 years old and he was around 6 and in his prime. He took over a pride of 9 lionesses called the Tsaro Pride (named after the Taaro palms as they would use them for shade or to hide in the palm fronds to be more effective during the hunt). He is the father of all the cubs on the island today. We named him ‘Wild Supreme’ as he appeared so majestic and confident, the ultimate lion in his prime.”



LOCATION: Botswana


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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