Wanaka Willow, New Zealand, 2017 2706374AP

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A solitary tree stands in the shallows of Lake Wanaka, backdropped by sunrise over the beautiful Southern Alps.

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Wanaka Willow: Artist Proof

Michael Melford

"I have returned to New Zealand now about 8 times and every year, I visit this willow tree growing just off shore in Lake Wanaka. Every year, there seems to be more people who come out to see and or photograph this tree at sunrise. It is hard to get a good shot from shore without people in it so I just put on my boots and go out into water to get a nice clear view and composition. I rest my camera on the tripod and stay absolutely still so as to not disturb the water, thus getting a mirror image."

LOCATION: Wanaka, New Zealand


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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