Road to Paradise, Florida Keys, 2006 2166547MHC

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Remains of a bridge stretch to the horizon.

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ROAD TO PARADISE, FLORIDA KEYS, 2006: Hors d' commerce

David Bowman

“I was sent down to Miami for an advertising job. I had a new 4 x 5 camera with a digital back, and I just wanted to be out there shooting like crazy. The overseas highway goes from the bottom tip of Florida below Miami all the way to Key West. It’s like driving on the ocean, which is so perfect for my sensibility coming from the Midwest. The architecture of the overseas highway was also interesting to me. So, after I shot that job, instead of coming back to Minnesota, I went back to the Keys and focused on the overseas highway for four days of shooting.

It was the perfect combination because the 4 x 5 is a very architectural type of camera. I got up at sunrise to shoot. There was a storm coming. It was a wet, windy day. Then there was a bit of a break in the storm, which brought all the right conditions together. It was a long exposure because it was early morning. There were these beautiful clouds with the sun filtering through them.

This past spring, I was down in the Keys again on a family vacation and I took my ten-year-old daughter to the spot where the shot was taken. It was really great to be there with her.”



LOCATION: Florida Keys, Florida


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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