Road to Nowhere, Bolivia, 2017 2710076AP

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Tire tracks lead into the horizon across the Uyuni Salt Flat.

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Road to Nowhere: Artist Proof

Keith Ladzinski

The Uyuni Salt Flat is the largest of its kind on the planet. In fact, it’s the only salt flat you can see from space. When astronaut Neil Armstrong was orbiting the Earth, he saw the patch of white of the salt flats and confused it with a glacier.

He was so fascinated by the area that he went and visited it when he returned to Earth. The temperature fluctuations here are polarizing — it can go from scorching hot to freezing cold with the turn of the sun. Early pilgrimages across the salt flat were strategically done at night only as to not get caught in this lifeless ecosystem.

LOCATION: Potosi, Daniel Campos Province, Bolivia
MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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