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Sequoia trees ascend into the clouds.

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Raul Touzon


Tell us the story behind the image of the sequoias. 

I shot this in Sequoia National Park, in California, during the winter. It was really cloudy. I shot a huge panorama before this picture with 109 frames because I wanted to capture the entire forest, which is impossible in a single frame. As I finished shooting it, I saw these tree trunks emerging from the green forest, changed my lens and did the movement picture. Wherever I go, I try to do a documentary picture and also an artistic version of the place. Sequoia National Park might look spectacular, but given the size of the trees, it doesn't yield that many good pictures. 

What do you want the viewer to feel when they look at these photos?

I want them to discover the beauty in nature that is not obvious. I run away from obvious pictures; postcard pictures. Anybody can shoot that nowadays with an IPhone. Creating is very different and that’s what I do. I play a lot with movement and with the panoramas, to capture that eternity of the moment in a panel. It’s really difficult because you’re counting on some event to happen while you’re shooting these massive pictures. Often, I use light to create an image, rather than just snapping a picture, which is easy to do. If you look at the white and green image of the aspens, you can walk into that forest in your imagination – and get lost in there. 

LOCATIONSequoia National Park, California


MEDIUMChromogenic Print


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