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A giant panda cub wakes up from nap time in the incubator room at the Bifengxia Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in Sichuan Province, China.

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Panda Cub: Artist Proof

Ami Vitale

“The biggest challenge was getting access to one of the world’s most endangered animals. This is a very rare, finicky endangered animal with teeth and claws. With only a few thousand in the world, the Chinese treat it as a national symbol, and each panda is closely guarded and watched. They are multi–million dollar bears that everyone treats with kid gloves, and they are highly vulnerable. Getting close, without interfering with their biology and conservation, and in a way that is acceptable to its very protective minders, was challenging. It was not just about getting access and gaining local trust, but also about being able to work with a highly endangered animal.*

The few opportunities that I was allowed to hold a baby panda, I literally thought I was going to die of cuteness overload. There is something about a baby panda. I’m sure it releases those same chemicals that they say get released when you look at your own baby. Like there’s just something indescribable, you fall in love. When I began the story, I didn’t have that wild panda fever but after spending so much time with them, I understand why people do.”



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