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Two tiger cubs play-fighting.

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Muscle Power: Hors d' commerce

Archna Singh

These two sub adult Tiger cubs (aka Rajbhera Cubs), aged around 21 months, are seen here engaged in a mock fight, a part of their learning process to acquire stalking and self-defense skills. The tigers were resting in the grasslands as dusk approached, when something grabbed the attention of one of them.


Taking advantage of the fact that the other sibling’s attention was diverted for a moment, the other one mock charges her and what was witnessed was a sheer moment of awe when these beautiful and magnificent animals were standing upright just for a moment and you could see the rippling muscles and the power that these big cats hold. It lasted not more than a few seconds and was all over where one of the siblings surrendered and laid down in a submissive position – a pose that tells the opponent that the rival has surrendered.

Definitely a rare moment to be captured in the wild, these playful lessons that the siblings engage in, are a crucial learning lesson for their survival as adult and independent Tigers.



LOCATION: Bandhavgarh National Park, India 


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Photograph


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