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A heart-shaped wave rolls toward Papohaku Beach on Molokai.

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Jonathan Kingston


“This picture was taken on the island of Molokai in Hawaii. I’d just finished teaching a class on the island with a couple other [National Geographic] photographers, and we decided it was a lovely afternoon to go out and photograph. There was a big storm so we knew there were going to be some spectacular waves that day. Papohaku Beach, where this was taken, is normally a level, white-sand beach. But the storm had taken all the sand off the beach so that we were greeted by an incredibly steep wall. The waves rolled up this steep sand wall, then back down again, crashing into the oncoming waves and forming all sorts of interesting shapes, like rooster tails.

I didn’t actually see the heart wave happen. I was shooting 11 frames a second. I saw the incoming wave, pressed the shutter, and got this wonderful series of the wave forming until it became this perfect heart shape.

[The Hawaiian phrase] “Aloha” has lots of different meanings. It means hello, goodbye, and also love. That’s what I feel when I look at this picture. It reminds me of the wonderful feeling of being in the islands, among friends and family.”



LOCATION: Molokai Island, Hawaii


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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