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Glacial water melt gives the lake its distinctive azure hue.

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Keith Ladzinski


“I shot this picture last year when I was down in Argentina for an outdoor manufacturer called Black Diamond. It was only a five-hour drive to Torres del Paine, in Chile, so I packed up a rental car and spent three or four days shooting.

This one was a long 10-minute exposure. I wanted to get that smeared cloud look and the water without any ripples in it. I love to shoot really long exposures of landscapes because it creates a more dreamy effect. I also wanted to give a sense of weather. When you are in the mountains, lenticular clouds are a sign of high wind. And Patagonia is one of the windiest places in the world. Part of the story behind the picture was to show these smeared, lenticular clouds. It illustrates just how fast that wind is moving because it smeared those clouds during the exposure.

I want people to enter that experience. That explains the subtle use of foreground. It was not shot at eye level, so you feel almost as if you are sitting on the lake. Those are the things you do to create more of an interesting atmosphere. Hopefully that will amplify the experience for someone looking at the photo.”



LOCATION: Patagonia, Chile


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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