Denali in Fall, Denali National Park, Alaska, 2014 2481864HC

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The peak of Denali reflects in a tudra pond at sunset.

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Denali in Fall: Hors d' commerce

Aaron Huey

“Denali, means "the High One" or "The Great One" in the Athabascan language. Denali is the tallest land-based mountain on Earth—with a vertical rise of about 18,000 feet, as well as the highest peak in North America—with a summit of 20,310 feet.

Like most big peaks in the world, "The Great One" is bigger than life, a kind of transcendent thing, beyond time. I consider Denali to be one of our great American Cathedrals.

There is a time in the late summer when some of Denali's foliage starts to turn bright red. I’d been making a lot of images of red fields when I stumbled upon this amazing fade across the entire rainbow. Denali is almost always shrouded in cloud sand this was a rare clear day. Pioneer Ridge, the striking line up the left of the main peak is hi-lighted in the setting sun.”


LOCATION: Denali National Park, Alaska


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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