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A swarm of Western Toad tadpoles streaming through a jungle-like setting of pond plants.

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Cloud of Tadpoles: Hors d' commerce

Eiko Jones

“On the memorable day of July 28th, I was “diving” in the swamp margin of Cedar Lake just north of Campbell River, British Columbia. This meter-deep area of the lake is filled with Yellow Water Lily and Water-shield plants, as well as lots of logs and tree trunks. For an hour or so I was swimming around happily shooting abstract images of the reflections of the lily leaves in the underneath surface of the water.

While I was poking along through a gap in the stalks of the Water-shield plants caused by a fallen log, I glanced to my right and saw a surprising sight. What looked like a cloud of locusts was coming towards me through the water. It was the beginnings of a group of tadpoles.

The leading edge of this swarm headed right towards me and then followed the same log I was using as a pathway. I quickly got my camera into action and started shooting. Little did I know that I would take a photo that day that would help define my photography path. The tadpoles kept streaming past me for what seemed like five minutes, in a column that resembled an army marching into battle. Eventually ending, I followed them to their destination. This turned out to be a couple of tree stumps right at the edge of the lake shore where they started to feed on the algae growing there. Later I found out that these were the tadpole stage of the Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas). This is a boreal toad living in higher elevation forest areas. It comes down to sources of water to breed in spring.”


LOCATION: Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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