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White tiger photographed at the Singapore Zoo.

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BEHIND BLUE EYES: Hors d' commerce

Steve Winter

"For years people have asked me if I have photographed white tigers. I answer that I have not been to Las Vegas and that is the only place that I know of that has white tigers besides zoo’s - and I do not photograph in zoo’s very often. White tigers are no longer found in the wild. White tigers are like black panthers - which are melanistic jaguars or leopards - black, but they still have the rosettes of jaguars or the spots of leopards. I went to the Singapore Zoo the other day and saw white tigers. Singapore is situated close to 2 of the most endangered subspecies of tigers, the Malay and Sumatran tiger - both under great threat from habitat loss and destruction from unregulated palm oil, paper logging and poaching. We need to find a way to save the Malay and Sumatran tigers! The last white tiger in the wild died in 1958. They are very iconic and people are drawn to their unique beauty. "


LOCATION: Singapore


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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