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A diver swims in the mystic underwater landscape of Cenote Angelita.

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Angelita: Hors d' commerce

Fabrice Guerin


In the middle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, there is a natural cave called Cenote Angelita. This underwater cave was formed by a rock collapse, so, over time, the cenote has trapped both fresh and salt water. When diving the Angelita, the light goes from green to blue, creating a beautifully surreal scene for divers.

At about 30 meters deep, there is a layer of hydrogen sulfide which separates the fresh water from the deeper salt water. The blue and green lights in this cenote create what feels like a lunar eclipse. The perfect atmosphere, combined with the impeccable timing of Guerin capturing the diver between the branches makes this a breathtaking photograph.

“It’s an amazing and unique experience in the life of an underwater photographer. The mysticism, beauty, and exuberance of these underwater landscapes make me feel like I discovered another world.”



LOCATION: Tulum, Mexico

MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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