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An aerial view of a lion hunting buffalo in Botswana.

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Ambush From The Air: Hors d' commerce

Beverly Joubert

“Lions usually hunt at night, or at least in the cool hours of dawn and dusk. But when the midday heat climbs to 120°F, the lions of Duba Plains are just starting to stalk their prey. It's one of many uncommon traits of a pride of lions that lives in an intimate relationship with a herd of Cape buffalo on a marshy island in the Okavango Delta.

The lionesses of the Tsaro pride (tsaro is the local name of the palms they like to rest under) rarely let the herd out of their sight, and attack this ready meat supply with little of the usual lioness stealth. When hunting, they run directly at their prey.

Cape buffalo are always formidable prey, but, surprisingly, the Duba herd has learned to fight back as a unit. The buffalo are capable of fleeing the island, especially during the dry season, when the surrounding rivers are fordable. But they stay, the strategy seeming to be: Better the enemy you know."


LOCATION: Okavango Delta, Botswana


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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