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Peeking from its burrow, a puffin snips off a bloom to dress up its temporary home on Skomer Island, where 6,000 pairs breed. Burrows usually extend several feet or more to keep egg and chick safe. Chicks are rarely seen, staying hidden for six weeks or so until flying off one night.

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A Puffin's Gift: Hors d' commerce

Danny Green

“I spent five seasons working in various locations photographing the Atlantic Puffin for National Geographic. This image was taken on the island of Skomer, which is off the Welsh coast, UK. Skomer is a fantastic island for seeing these beautiful birds and I spent a considerable amount of time on this island during the project. This image was taken in early May and the Puffins had just returned back to their breeding grounds after spending the winter out at sea.

As soon as the Puffins arrive, they start pair bonding and go about refurbishing their nesting chambers, ready for the breeding season. This individual had gone into his chamber, but I had to wait for over an hour before he returned back up to the entrance. As he did, he plucked a small piece of the campion flower, at the time it felt like he was offering me a gift rewarding me for my patience.”

Publication History:

“Puffin Therapy,” National Geographic magazine, June 2014, photo p. 86

LOCATION: Skomer Island, Wales


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Photograph


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