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  • In Prints: Artwork Reproduction
  • Subject Type: Signed
  • Style Type: Limited Edition

About Michael Godard

Oh My God...ard! These are usually the first words out of peoples' mouths when they view Michael Godard's artwork. Godard, known as the 'Rock Star of the Art World' is currently the #1 best selling artist in the U.S.

Product Specifications

Image Size 28 x 35 inches

Limited Edition

Giclee on Canvas

This piece is full of symbolism representing different terms used in poker. The term “River” refers to the final fifth card to be dealt to the players, illustrated by the flowing blue river; the “royal flush” shown by the toilet; a “suit of card” represented by the blue suit; “folding” represented by folded paper. The “blind”, is the bet that must be made by the two players sitting directly to the dealer's left which will start the action on the first round of betting. This term is symbolized in the image by the blind heart wearing sunglasses. High stakes correspond with red beef steaks in the image. Here are some others: “Hole card”= card with a hole; “Face card”=with smiley face, to call a bet= telephone, to bust= bust statue, to Cut=band-aid, the “antee”= ant, to check= diamond with a check flag; “Full boat or house” = boat in the martini glass. What a great poker piece!

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