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Dishwalla Opaline CD

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In mid-1996, Dishwalla's "Counting Blue Cars" was one of the most overplayed songs of the summer. It was a melodic masterpiece of passion for radio fans and powerful in making the bandmembers into international superstars. And You Think You Know What Life's About (1998) didn't fare as well, but the band's third effort, Opaline, marks a return to form: heavy guitar work layered over J.R. Richards' heartily sweet vocals. It's definitely pop-friendly, and Dishwalla's approach to the album as a whole is carefree. Grainy acoustic guitars dance around spiritual salvation in songs like "Home" and "Somewhere in the Middle." "Mad Life" is equally impressive, but "Angels or Devils" is Opaline's brightest track. String arrangements build the stormy romance of the song, harking back to the idea that time heals all wounds. Dishwalla have a message. They're suckers for the perfect hook. Opaline is a decent rock record and fans should be pleased. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi All Music Guide


1 Opaline 4:10
2 Angels or Devils 4:03
3 Somewhere in the Middle 3:42
4 Every Little Thing 4:26
5 When Morning Comes 3:59
6 Home 4:52
7 Today, Tonight 3:02
8 Mad Life 3:54
9 Candleburn 4:01
10 Nashville Skyline 4:40
11 Drawn Out 4:01

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