Nervous Grapes Signed and Numbered NervousGrapesSN

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Product Details
  • In Prints: Artwork Reproduction
  • Print Type: Giclee
  • Subject Type: Signed
  • Style Type: Limited Edition

About Michael Godard

Oh My God...ard! These are usually the first words out of peoples' mouths when they view Michael Godard's artwork. Godard, known as the 'Rock Star of the Art World' is currently the #1 best selling artist in the U.S.

Product Specifications

Image Size 28 x 37.5 inches

Limited Edition

Giclee on Canvas

This was the fourth in the alcohol series and it first sold for $800. I couldn’t believe it sold for that amount back then. While doing this piece I was trying to find out how I wanted to do things. This shows a cop who has eaten too many donuts forcing two grapes to walk the line.

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