I Smell A Rat Artist Proof ISmellARatAP

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Product Details
  • In Prints: Artwork Reproduction
  • Print Type: Giclee
  • Subject Type: Signed
  • Style Type: Limited Edition

About Michael Godard

Oh My God...ard! These are usually the first words out of peoples' mouths when they view Michael Godard's artwork. Godard, known as the 'Rock Star of the Art World' is currently the #1 best selling artist in the U.S.

Product Specifications

Image Size 28 x 35 inches

Limited Edition

Giclee on Canvas

This is the second piece in my Gangster series. “The Boss” is sitting at the table and out of his cigar smoke emerges a bullet. The strawberry is standing next to the boss as eye candy. One olive is on top of the glass as the enforcer with a bat, one olive is praying for his life, and one olive is tied down prepared for the worst. Focus attention to the other side of the piece to a rat, which have all the wronged olives!

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