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  • In Prints: Artwork Reproduction
  • Print Type: Other
  • Sign Type: Poster
  • Subject Type: Unsigned
  • Style Type: Open Edition


About Michael Godard

Oh My God...ard! These are usually the first words out of peoples' mouths when they view Michael Godard's artwork. Godard, known as the 'Rock Star of the Art World' is currently the #1 best selling artist in the U.S.

Product Specifications

Poster Size 24 x 36 inches

Image Size 30 x 20 inches

Posters are printerd on 80lb to 100lb cover stock.

My original intention in painting this piece was to capture the true look of a martini up close.  After painting the glass, I accidentally smudged some paint on the piece.  Standing back, I took a long look at the smudge, trying to decide how to remove the blemish without smearing the background.  Without warning, a feeling just came over me; I put down my brush and dipped my fingers in the paint to complete the piece like a 4-year old in preschool. This proved the only way I could have captured the essence of this piece, rather than with a brush alone.  When we printed this piece, we used a mat-finish with a high gloss finish on the glass to give the feel of the wet appearance.

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