How it Works

How the Process Works

  • During production, each piece is assigned a serial number by the manufacturer.
  • The brand registers the serial numbers with, creating a unique eTitle for each item.
  • As the item travels down the supply chain, its eTitle tracks every change in ownership. These changes are compiled to create a detailed ownership history provided with every eTitle.
  • When working with a customer, a sales associate can access the point-of-sale application with any tablet device to display the eTitle and verify the item's condition, authenticity, and provenance.
  • Once the item is purchased, the customer uses the point-of-sale application while in-store to register ownership of their eTile and create a account. The eTitle will immediately transfer to that account.
  • Upon resale, the owner can transfer the eTitle to the new owner's account within the user module.

The value of owning a eTitle:

  • Obtain an item's comprehensive ownership history
  • Verify an item’s authenticity on-demand
  • Report items as lost or stolen
  • Increase value retention of authentic merchandise
  • Accept and initiate eTitle transfers from’s user module

As a brand or authorized retailer, the benefits of go far beyond the eTitle...

  • Protect your brand by allowing customers to verify your items' authenticity at any time
  • Improve your supply chain security and internal visibility
  • Clearly differentiate authorized retailers from unauthorized retailers
  • Protect customers from buying stolen goods in the pre-owned market with real-time theft reporting

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