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What items qualify for a eTitle? eTitles are exclusively offered by authorized retailers of partnered brands. Use our Store Locator to find authorized retailers who offer qualified products.

I purchased a qualified item from a authorized retailer but I don't see my eTitle in my account. How do I retrieve my eTitle?

An eTitle must be transferred to you directly from the seller. Check with the retailer or individual whom you purchased your item from to verify whether they have initiated the eTitle transfer to your email address.

I am not receiving email notifications when I change my account settings, transfer an eTitle, or order from's online store. How do I retrieve these emails?
  • Check your spam folder and make sure to mark any emails as a trusted sender.
  • Check your account settings to make sure your have the correct primary and secondary email address. If an eTitle is transferred to your primary email address, your secondary email will not receive a confirmation (and vice versa.)

Requesting an eTitle

I purchased a qualified item prior to the offering of eTitles. How can I receive an eTitle for my item?

An eTitle can not be issued for an item until its authenticity is confirmed by an exclusive Authentication Service. Visit our Request an Item page to begin the authentication process. eCommerce

How can I check on my order's status or change my shipping information for a purchase made through's online store?

All inquires concerning a product, your order's status, or shipping information related to a purchased placed on our online shop should be directed to the seller that purchase was made from. The seller information is accessible from the item listing.

If your issue is not addressed in the FAQ, please contact us.

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