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Kissin' the Sky Signed and Numbered

Manufacturer: Stickman Fine Art
Make: Kissin' the Sky
Model: Signed and Numbered
MSRP:  995.00 ( USD)
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Manufacturer Description

Image Size 24 x 36 inches

Limited Editions

Giclee on Canvas

Jimi is another of those iconic figures that I could paint time and time again and never get bored.  Although I have painted Jimi many times, this is the first time I believe I was able to capture the essence of the Hendrix “Experience” (pun intended). Jimi put every bit of himself into his live performance and this often shows on his exaggerated facial expressions. These expressions, paired with his trade mark hair and the colourful attire of the era, make Jimi one of the toughest but most rewarding subjects to paint in the Rock and Roll genre.

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