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What is trusted.com?  
trusted.com is a point-of-sale and web based authentication system that lets customers identify product authenticity at the time of sale regardless of whether buying directly from a authorized retailer or online. trusted.com mission is to eliminate counterfeits in the market and increase consumer awareness through our authentication system. The trusted.com authentication process begins at production and transcends through distribution of the products through the manufacturer's supply chain and continues through the sale and resale of the product.

Check out our how it works Pages for more information.

How does trusted.com work?
trusted.com utilizes a patent pending process to validate product authenticity. Authorized retailers utilize either the trusted.com website or trusted.com point of sale terminal solutions, which has been programmed with our software to provide production authentication services during sales of items. The ownership of the item is tracked through our exclusive trusted.com eTitles. trusted.com tracks eTitle transfers and identifies the status of the item through the supply chain distribution and sales.

Check out our how it works Pages for more information.

What is a trusted.com eTitle?
A trusted.com eTitle is an Electronic Title (eTitle) of ownership for an item. The eTitle assures consumers the authenticity of the item and ownership of item. The eTitle is exclusive to trusted.com and the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers participating. The eTitle is tracked through the supply chain from manufacturer thru distribution and to the retailer, and lastly the sale to consumer.


Additional FAQ pertaining to eTitles in trusted can be viewed once you are logged into your account.

Why should I use trusted.com?
trusted.com eliminates the flood of counterfeit items in the marketplace, ensures authentic purchases from retailers and individuals and increases authentic product retention value. trusted.com is the only solution that fully meets each of the criteria that ensure item authenticity: unique identifier, public verification, point of sale (POS) verification, and owner history. With our solution:
Individuals are ensured of authentic ownership and benefit with true product retention value.
Manufacturers can control and track what retailers are selling their goods and take ownership in the reduction of fraudulent products.
Retailers can ensure the sale of authentic products and eliminate unknowingly being involved with fraudulent suppliers.
If I register, how will trusted.com use my personal information?
Trusted.com will not sell or provide your personal information to any third party that do not participate in trusted.com . We will need to provide some of your personal information to parties participating in trusted.com such as retailers to fulfill your orders or transfer an eTitle. For more information, please see our privacy policy here.

What is your privacy policy?
For more information, please see our privacy policy here.

Is trusted.com free?
Yes, it’s free to register an account with trusted.com! It’s also free to receive and accept ownership of your eTitle. There is a nominal 1% fee (based on MSRP) for transferring your eTitle to another user. Additionally, if you are using the item authentication process to obtain eTitle for previously sold merchandise then an item authentication fee will be charged by the manufacturer to authenticate the item.
What are the benefits for using trusted.com?
We're glad you asked! Through trusted.com authentication system and exclusive eTitles our members can take advantage of:
Proof of Authenticity Authentication Marketplace
Item Ownership History Tracking Ownership Status Tracking
eTitle Ownership and Management Increased Resale Value
eBay Integration
I have an item that is not listed in trusted.com. I would like to have this item authenticity checked and added to my account in trusted.com. How can I do this?
trusted.com provides registered users with the ability to submit items for the trusted.com item authentication. Simply, login into your account and select the add your item menu and walk through the steps to submit your item authentication request. Once you have entered your request, you will send your item to the provided service center for the manufacturer to authenticate the item. Upon successfully authentication, you will receive your eTitle and your item will be sent back.
Registration and Sign-in
How do I register for a trusted.com account?
It's easy! Click here and create your trusted.com account today!
I created an account, but I haven't received the email notification to verify my account?
Your inbox may be full or the email was mistakenly identified as "junk mail". We are happy to resend you the email, please contact our support team at support@trusted.com.
I am a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor and want to join trusted.com. How do I join?
If you are interested in join, please contact our support team at support@trusted.com and one of our trusted.com associates will contact you.
Trusted.com Account Management
I forgot my username. How do I recover my username?
trusted.com provides users the ability to recover their username using our username and password retrieval. Enter your email address on the forgot username page and complete the required fields. The user name will be emailed to the email address associated with the registered trusted.com account.
I forgot my password. How do I recover my password?
trusted.com provides users the ability to recover their password using our username and password retrieval. Click here to reset your password. You will be prompted to complete security questions and required fields. Users will then be able to reset their password.
I received a message that my sign-in information is not valid.
Make sure you're typing in your trusted.com username and not your email address. Please check for any typos. If you're still unable to sign in, you may request your username to be emailed and reset your password.
I received a message that I need to enter a verification code.
Trusted.com request this additional security check when logging or resetting account credentials. Type the code in the image, and then click the Sign In button.
I received an email notification stating my password has changed. I did not make a change to my trusted.com account. What should I do?
Please contact support@trusted.com immediately as your account may have been compromised.
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